Brian Vollmer

The lead singer of Helix, Brian Vollmer is a vocal coach with a great deal of experience to share. Due to years of touring, Brian’s vocal cords were in rough shape by the late 80s. Later, he met a vocal coach, Ed Johnson, who taught him the techniques of Bel canto, helping to restore his voice to full strength. Now, in addition to running the Helix business, Brian Vollmer also currently teaches the classical vocal technique, Bel canto, in London, as well as performing classical music across Southern Ontario. He has given vocal lessons to numerous known musicians, including Mercedes Lander of the heavy metal band Kittie who also hail from London. BRIAN VOLLMER: TEACHING THE BEL CANTO TECHNIQUE Tired of getting sore throats when you sing? Wanna improve your range, control, tone, and extend your range? Learn a technique based on SCIENCE. I studied from Ed Johnson for over 30 years and have taught the Bel Canto technique since 1988. Some of my students include: 1.Tim Hicks (Canadian country star with several Top 10 hits) 2.Morgan and Mercedes Lander of KITTIE (Canada’s top female metal band, which has toured the world and sold over 1,000,000 albums) 3.Sarah Smith (London’s premiere female vocalist, songwriter, and performer) …and many more local singers from amateur to professional. Brian Vollmer has been the lead singer for the Canadian rock/metal act HELIX for 42 years: For information and prices: Ph: 519 452 0565 Email: Lessons strictly one on one. Students must be 16 or older.


As the name implies, Both Sides of the Kit is a podcast that explores drumming from multiple perspectives. Issues surrounding drums and drummers will be approached through casual and informative interviews. BSOTK guests include a wide variety of drummers, but we will also talk to bar owners, booking agents, legal and medical professionals, other musicians, and anyone else who influences drummers...or is influenced by them! The goal is to talk to people who can provide insight into the “drumming lifestyle,” and share their answers and opinions with you.

Charterhouse Studios

Charterhouse Studios is a professional recording facility in London Ontario run by Producer/Engineer/Mixer Aaron Murray (Baptized In Blood, Helix, Gotthard, The Used, Randy Bachman, The Salads). Based on the combination of years of producing & engineering experience and the best of both classic analog and leading edge digital equipment, when entering Charterhouse Studios artists can be certain that their musical visions will most definitely become sonic realities.


For artists and producers, offers a unique service to that allows you to get your tracks that are ready for prime-time into the inboxes and playlists of the decision makers at today's most prominent independent and major music labels. You can easily maintain a library of your tracks, tagged just the way you like, along with an artist profile that will make it easy for the labels to find your tracks and sign them!

Greigg Fraser

Greigg Fraser is a guitarist/ songwriter from London Ontario Canada. His career has covered a number of aspects over the years including performing, session work, music instruction, producing, arranging, television work and composing. Greigg initiated a solo career concentrating on original instrumental guitar music which led to the release of his first album "Making Waves.” His debut album enjoyed strong support, air play and rave reviews not only on campus, rock and CBC stations across Canada but also in the U.S.A. and Europe. Greigg is proudly endorsed by Warrior Guitars in Rossville GA, and an active member of Ariella recording artists/band "Howzat."

Indie Rocks

We are honored to be involved in this years 10th Anniversary Niagara Music Awards. We have been dubbed Ambassadors and will be doing our part to help ensure an amazing time with the amazing artists in the Niagara Region (Ontario Canada) We are kicking off the concerts this year in May bringing Eye Steal ( from Toronto) and Cyphier (from London) We are still working on this concert to ensure it is kicked off with a BANG! We are now getting involved with promotion packages! If you would like us to promote your shows and help build crowds contact us Let's see what works for you and lets get things rolling NOW! We are working to make sure 2017 is THE YEAR for the scene. As are many other sites who share the same love for the independent musicians. There are tons of internet stations waiting for more music, many services waiting to sign more artists up for great things, and so much more. Here at we have many many ideas in the air as we speak which will become reality this year. We encourage you to stop by the site, take your time looking through it and start sending your music/bio's and more to those waiting to help! Nothing lands in the lap of an Independent artist, we work, we work hard and we build our dreams through our passion and love of music. It's time to take that and share it with the world.

Jack Richarsdon Music Awards

The Jack Richardson London Music Awards is a not-for-profit Board of Director driven organization. The program relies on volunteers from the London community to plan, produce and execute the various events surrounding the Awards gala. Since it’s beginning, some 200 volunteers have donated their time, skills and music passion to make the JRLMA a success. On November 12, 2016 the Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame officially opened to the public at 182 Dundas Street, downtown London. In 2017 the organization launched the inaugural Jack Richardson London Music week (JRLMW).

John Bellone's Musical Instruments

John Bellone's Musical Instruments is London Ontario's oldest rock shop, founded in 1964 by John Bellone Sr. Nearly 50 years later we are still the premier destination in the city for Guitars, Bass, Amps, Effects, Acoustic, Keyboards and Accessories. Trained as a violin maker in France, John Bellone Senior moved to Canada just as the great wave of rock music was sweeping the continent in the early 1960s. JB has continued the tradition of excellence, and as a result Bellone’s Music is still the only 100% family-owned and operated guitar shop in the region.

London Arts Council

The London Arts Council is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life & creative vitality of London, Ontario. ​ We work with public, private, and community partners to build and sustain Londoners’ involvement in all artistic disciplines and to provide paid opportunities for professional artists to create and deliver artworks. We also provide resources and services for the London arts community, London residents, and visitors to our city, including administrating municipal arts funding, assisting the development of artists and arts organizations, and advocating for the arts.

London Guitars

London Guitars is a boutique guitar and music experience staffed by veteran touring guitar technicians. Our team has worked with legendary players such as Jeff Healey, Tom Cochrane, Steven Page, and Ian Thornley, as well as touring with internationally renowned bands like The Barenaked Ladies, Kittie, Blu Bones and more. London Guitars specializes in new, custom & vintage guitars, amplifiers and accessories from the best brands on the market, like vintage classics from Fender & Gibson to ESP, Vox, Marshall, Washburn & more.

PA Shop Sales & Rentals

PA Shop Sales & Rentals stocks the best Pro Audio, Video, Stage Lighting, DJ Equipment, Live Performance, and Studio Recording brands in London, Ontario. They offer free shipping across Canada on orders over $ 99.00'*, expert customer service, a Price Match Guarantee, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Member Benefits and Reward Points!

Tee Hand Crafted Drum Sets

Drum Shell design and build, supplying to custom drum companies and DIY drum builders across the World (from a snare drum to a full kit). Specialising in ply shells to include Birch, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut and any combination of these materials. If you are looking to build a custom snare drum or a complete kit and would like more information, please email me to talk through your requirements (fittings also available to complete your project).

The London Musicians Association

The London Musicians Association is a member driven non-profit professional association comprised of approximately 300 musicians throughout Southwestern Ontario. It is dedicated to establishing and maintaining professional standards, ethics and fees in the music industry. Whether negotiating fair agreements, protecting ownership of recorded music, securing benefits such as health care and pension, or lobbying legislators, the AFM is committed to raising industry standards and placing the professional musicians in the foreground of the cultural landscape.

The London Vocal Studio

NEW INTRODUCTORY RATE FOR NEW STUDENTS! FIRST LESSON IS FREE! IMPROVE YOUR VOICE RIGHT NOW! The London Vocal Studio is dedicated to providing the best in modern vocal technique. What do I mean by modern vocal technique? Anything but OPERA! Yes, this is not a place where you will learn to sing like Pavarotti, but if you are interested in learning how to sing rock, metal, blues, jazz, contemporary or pop, then I have techniques that will help you. I have spent years developing my voice and style into what it is today, and I would love the opportunity to help you unleash your inner voice and become the best vocalist you can be. So what are the benefits of taking vocal lessons and what vocal lessons are not THE BENEFITS OF TAKING VOCALS LESSONS! - Increase range - Reduce strain and tension - Correct breathing habits - Improve vocal coordination - Develop healthy vocal habits - Increase resonance in the voice - Eliminate vocal damage - Correct warm up and warm down techniques - Allow you to truly sing in the style that YOU want to sing in - Overcoming stage fright - How to use a microphone correctly - What is truly takes TO BECOME THE BEST VOCALIST YOU CAN BE! WHAT VOCAL LESSONS ARE NOT! - Tell you what style you should sing in and what style is best for you. It is up to you, the vocalist to decide what style you want to sing in - Make you a superstar overnight. Developing the voice takes time and effort. All the singers you admire and look up to spent years developing their instrument - A “quickfix,” to a major vocal issue you might be experiencing. This could be anything from breathing issues, to straining when going for high notes. Even though one lesson with me can correct problems there is almost always much more going on than one specific thing. So whatever your issue may be, whether you are straining to hit high notes, want to play in a band, or are just starting out, I have some the of best modern techniques to improve your voice and allow you to be able to sing the way you have always wanted. IMPROVE YOUR VOICE RIGHT NOW!

The Wood Shed Concert Series

Although we originally started in one, The Wood Shed Concert Series has since outgrown the wood shed. Now, we move around to different locations, spreading love, great music and the sharing the importance of community and awareness around childhood mental health. We live stream concerts, increasing band exposure and audience! Check us out on YouTube, The Wood Shed Concert Series.

Tourism London

Working with partners, Tourism London facilitates the development and marketing of London's tourism and hospitality industry and economic well-being. The member-inclusive benefit package provides one of the best values in the industry today.