Feb 7

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London Music Office presents

Very First “SchMusic London” event

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Last night was our very first “SchMusic London” event originating from within the London Musicians Committee under the flag of the London Music Office. The event was held at Winks Eatery and as Co-Chair along with my friend, colleague and fellow Co-Chair Ryner Stoetzer – we can say that it was a great success.

We had musicians from both the cover and indie sector, sound production people, rcording engineers, promoters, MIA students and those that have an avid interest in the local live music scene.

I would like to thank fellow member Carly Thomas for coming up with this idea to begin with, and it has set the foundation that this can become a regular event as we move forward.

Networking is such a major part of being a professional musician or in any sector of the music industry and it was exciting to stand back and watch this pan out over the evening.

You could see those that already knew one another come together and shake hands and then the most important aspect of events like this came into play - those that approach someone that they didn’t know and introduce themselves thus facilitating a new contact/relationship between them both. That is how alliances are built and new opportunities blossom, it becomes the foundation of building a stronger community for all.

My sincere thanks to all that attended last night and made this such a huge success for our first attempt. Special thanks to the staff at Winks Eatery for keeping everyone flush in drinks and food and for being so delightful to deal with.

Jim McCormick - Co-Chair of  London Musicians Committee

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