Nov 2

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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesday Jam Spotlight: Civil Society

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This week at our weekly Allstage Tuesday Jam marked the second appearance of a local indie band named Civil Society.


The band is a trio that consists of Dan on Lead Vocal & Bass, Serge on Guitar and Mike on Drums.


Now off hand after the first time they came out, I would have leaned towards them being an indie-prog band, then this last week at our Jam they laid down one really cool funk based tune that had everyone in the bar taping their foot – so they have the skill set to lay down whatever they are in the mood for and do it quite well.


These guys are players, Dan is an impressive singer and bassist and Serge is highly versed on a fretboard. The first drummer that came out with them was Mike, and the drummer who came out this week – were both solid as hell and their playing totally fit in with the structure of the songs that the band has written.


I like these guys a lot, their tunes are catchy while at the same time being intricate but not boring – and meeting them in person they are very friendly and personable. Talking to Serge they have some demos which are very cool so I am looking forward to them recording their first EP.