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Allstage Charterhouse Session’s

A Look Back at 2013

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In early 2013, I came up with an idea to bring local artists/bands in to be interviewed about their music, plans, ideas and inspirations so that their fans could have a little bio on who they were and what was coming in the very near future.

Having decided to do this, I needed a place to do it from and I approached my dear friend Ron Schroeyens about using his Charterhouse Studios as the studio to shoot it out of. Ron agreed and his son Kyle gave me access to a hi-end video camera to use for the shoot, often taking valuable time of out Kyle’s already busy schedule as he set everything up for me.

James Kirk came in to do the editing of the sound and video, and Pat Crawford of Radical Images looked after the photography end of it. We had twelve artists/bands come in and we also had the pleasure of speaking to John Bellone of Bellone’s Music as well as Aaron Murray who is in charge of Charterhouse Studios.

To be honest, my skills as an interviewer are less than desirable, but all these great musicians gave me their time freely and put up with my stumbling and bumbling as I tackled something I had never attempted in my life.

It was a blast to do these interviews and I thank all the bands/artists/JB and Aaron for taking part in this.

Special thanks to Ron and Kyle Schroeyens of Charterhouse Studios, Pat Crawford of Radical Images and James Kirk for all the editing he did for this.

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