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#TurnUpTheLiveMusic on Patios

Live Amplified Patio Music Now Allowed

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Live Amplified Patio Music

So last summer there was public hearings at City Hall in front of City Council in June to try and achieve regulated Live Amplified Patio Music on city venue patios. These hearings were attended by local musicians, patrons of live music, members of the London Musician’s Association, The Jack Richardson Music Committee, The PA Shop & London Guitars, Allstage and numerous local venue owners.

On June 16, 2017 City Council unanimously voted to pass the motion and all seemed good to go until of course one individual, who I personally went up against in the meetings, went to the Ontario Municipal Board and filed a motion to stop it.

Through the winter of 2017-18 the process dragged on until recent meetings were held to be the final decision on the issue. Well this past Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 the issue was settled in London‘s favor where it is now full steam ahead for venues to have regulated Live Amplified Patio Music.

Now there are stipulations of course to keep it within reason so as to find harmony between residents living near these venues and to bolstering the local music scene and all the economics from servers, musicians and venue revenue that will benefit from this change in the landscape. 

The permits have to be applied for from City of London Licensing Office ( and are good for six months. There is a mechanism for the public to contact this department regarding a venue that might take advantage or abuse the criteria of the volume aspect of this bylaw, but it is designed that the law is now regulated and transparent.

These conditions would require all venues to apply for temporary, renewable temporary sound permits. The music could be no louder than 70 decibels at point of reception. It could play no later than midnight.

As part of the 6 month permit process, site visits by municipal law enforcement officers would occur that would take sound readings of each venue, to determine the appropriate maximum level of sound permitted. It is important to note that the 70 decibel level is the maximum and that Civic Administration could impose conditions on the permit restricting the decibel levels lower than 70 decibels and the time permission earlier than 12 midnight based on the surrounding land uses and patio attributes.

These readings for decibel levels are taken with authentic monitors that are professionally made to complete this task; cell phone apps are not calibrated for accurate readings and as such cannot be factored in as legitimate readings for the bylaw.

The application process will look at each individual business and will consider a number of factors such as the surrounding land use, the patio floor plan, the location and direction of any amplification and sound mitigation protocols. The permits will be granted for to six months.


Submit the following information to the City of London Licensing office:

The name and address of the patio

A sound management plan containing the following:

A patio floor plan

Location and direction of all sound sources

A noise complaint and sound mitigation plan

A copy of the establishments Liquor Licence and any imposed conditions from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)

A fee of $175

You are required to mail or drop off all required documents (letter re: sound permit request, sound management plan, copy of liquor license, and payment) to:

City of London Licensing Office

P.O. Box 5035

300 Dufferin Avenue, London ON

N6A 4L9

7th Floor , City Hall


Upon receipt of the above noted information, you will be contacted to schedule a time for an on-site meeting and sound reading to determine conditions of a temporary permit ( if approved).  

So, venue owners please contact:

City of London Licensing Office 519-930-3515 or Email

Musicians take note, this ruling by the OMB has just opened a huge door to all of you to making more money and playing on patios so do your diligence and jump on this for the Summer of 2018. 

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