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Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Friday Allstage Band Highlight: Congression

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Over the last 10 years we have had the opportunity to play to some incredible venues, share the stage with other great acts, and meet many fantastic people. Being in a band is a unique journey, providing us with unforgettable moments and an opportunity to create lasting experiences. Sharing an idea, forged from eclectic collaboration and translating it into a powerful form of rock music is an engaging experience.

Presenting an immersive and strong live performance is a very important element of who we are. We hit the stage with a fierce intensity. Our agenda: to give an impactful performance. The outcome is a real rock show.

All of us in Congression share a deep passion for music. We work hard to hone our craft as musicians, and continue to work even harder to bring an immersive live performance.  With this attitude in mind, combined with our love for music, we continue to expand our abilities and create great material.

Congression has released 3 independent records to date.  The band's first studio EP, Ways to Believe, was recorded at Charterhouse Studios with the assistance of Andre Doucette in 2010. Congression's second album If Only (Nov 2012), was independently produced by Chris Keener and received favorable reviews and attention (Morbid North). The third studio album, Severance (2016), would see Congression reunite with Andre Doucette at Iguana Studios and track some earlier songs in the band's catalog that were previously unreleased.

We appreciate your support.

Congression is:

Chris Keener / Vocals, Guitar

Brett Gooding / Bass, Vocals

Warren Elder / Drums / Endorsing Murat Diril cymbals

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