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Allstage has fostered a solid following in the last 5 years as it has strived to promote live music in London and area. Winner of a 2015 London Music Award for its work in promoting Live Music, Allstage has continued to grow and reach a large social network across its many media platforms as well as in conjunction with The Branding Firm – built a website and FREE app that allows music fans and Allstage members to reach a large audience with the music, videos and event postings.

Jim the owner of Allstage sits on several London Music Committees such as the ones affiliated with the London Music Office, sitting on the Executive Board of the London Musicians Association & London Chamber of Commerce.

Constantly going to clubs to hear bands as well as taking pictures that have shown up on many FB profiles – Allstage has become a staple in local venues and its site has become a resource for venues to hire bands based on the music and videos on their custom band pages.

As a supporter of local causes Allstage has been a major sponsor of benefits for cancer victims, homeless people, children with incurable diseases and Jim has often utilized his band Bender to play and support these causes.

We look forward to the year ahead as we take Allstage to the next level and support the Music community and promote band/venue events on a daily basis to the thousands of followers who look to Allstage for their music events.

At the end of the day its all about “TurnUpTheLiveMusic 

  1. App & WebsiteAverage Monthly Hits per month – 226,434

    FB Followers across 5 FB pages – 7,702

    Twitter– 2,900

    Instagram - 1,311

    LinkedIn – 1, 165

    Total:  239,512