Oct 19

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Allstage Crawl: Lou Dawgs

Patrick James Clark

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Patrick James Clark

This week I had the pleasure of checking out another friendly face when I dropped by Lou Dawgs on Richmond Street to catch their Tuesday Acoustic Open Mic with Patrick James Clark.

Patrick is a well-known local musician who not only plays a lot of clubs around town and beyond, but also is the host of the Open Mic at Lou Dawgs on Tuesdays and is the engine behind their bi-monthly Country Showcases on Thursdays.

Patrick is a joy to see live with his obvious talent on a guitar and his voice, that he will kill me for saying this, but strikes me as “silken” – ha, ha, ha - he will never let me in the bar again after that.

In all seriousness, there is something in his voice that is totally soothing in his delivery of vocal lines when he sings – and planned or not that is a skill set all in its own. Anything he sings seems like he has penned the lyrics himself so its not like he is replicating live a “cover song” and obviously his own material just has a magical air to it.

Not going to betray confidence here, but I think Patrick’s window is going to open in a large way in the year to come as his talent is garnering attention from others. Patrick is one of those guys that you hope the best for as his friendly attitude to strangers and just a very approachable way about him, makes you feel like you have known him for a decade.

Put him on a stage and he is the total package with his guitar talent and vocals. I listened to several his songs for a full set the other night and my toe was tapping to them all and within the comfy confines of Lou Dawgs I felt like I was in my own home enjoying a privileged performance.


Lou Dawgs

For those of you who have never been in Lou Dawgs, let me give you an insight.

Lou Dawgs is located on Richmond Street on the west side and just North of Dufferin. The venue is longer than it is wide with a front room and a back room – both if which are utilized for live music depending on the event.

In either case while it is a smaller scale venue thus making sure you want to arrive early to catch a performance to get a seat, the over all experience is quite intimate and cozy as you settle in for the night.

I always find that acoustic acts are so much better in a room like this than on a big stage meant for bigger bands. Acoustic acts on big stages meant for bands get lost in the delivery to an audience thus pretty much nullifying them entirely – put them in one of the cities smaller venues and its as different as black and white.

The food menu at Lou Dawgs is over the top if you like southern style BBQ – Barb and I have eaten there and the wings were so filling I could barely finish them, it was killer.

Add to that the close proximity to the musicians playing and its like a private event in your own home – with food and beer served to you.


Lou Dawgs reputation has been built on their incredible food menu but the bar is also bringing in the best of Blues, Country and Acoustic acts through the week so this is one place you are going to want to place on your “must get to” list – and if you are lucky you will catch Patrick playing – just don’t mention the whole “silken” thing to him.