Oct 16

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Allstage Crawl: Fox and Fiddle

Vinnie’s Open Mic

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Last night I stopped by to see an old friend Vinnie Vincenzo at his Open Mic at The Fox and Fiddle in downtown London. I met Vinnie years ago when he attended my Allstage Jam at The Eastside Bar and got up onstage and played. Now Vinnie is a very accomplished musician on both acoustic guitar and bass, but what makes him unique is his ability to also sing, play an electric drum pad, kick pedals and guitar all simultaneously and do it very well.

Through his years of playing both solo and in bands, he has command of pretty much every genre of music out there so when it comes to running an Open Mic, there is nothing he can’t play when a jammer comes up onstage with him.

While his musical talent is extraordinary, what sets Vinnie apart is his personality. You will never meet a more inviting, polite and courteous human being in your travels like Vinnie. When people came into the venue last night as either patrons or musicians, Vinnie would make sure to extend a heartfelt “Hello” to each of them as the entered.

Vinnie has run the longest Open Mic in the city of anyone, I believe he is in his 20the year of doing this at different venues around town and they are always successful and a great place for like-minded musicians to network with each other.

The Fox and Fiddle is in Citi Plaza on the SW corner of Wellington and King Street and if you park in Galleria parking you can get your ticket validated by the bar and pay nothing if you don’t stay over 2 hours. FREE parking with hundreds of parking spots inside a garage is perfect and it is minutes to the bar from there.

Add to that that the Fox and Fiddle has dynamite food and a great interior with plenty of glass and comfortable seating and a night with Vinnie turns into a great way to spend a Tuesday night from 8-12am.

Head on down and tell him Jim says Hi.