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Allstage Crawl

Allstage Crawl: The Groove Station

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So, on Friday, September 27th, 2019 I had the luxury to see not only one of my favorite bands – but the musicians who mean the world to Barb and I – The Groove Station.

This is one of those bands that have ridiculously talented people in it that have no egos, no air of being stand offish when you see them perform or meet them in person. Each one of the bands members are known in the music community for there musical resumes and pedigree – when they hit the stage you sit up and take notice.

The band consists of Rebecca Janelle (Reba DV) – Singer / guitars; Rodney Alexander – Guitar, Vocals; Guy Miskelly – Guitar; Rob Allen – Bass, Ryan Van Acker – Drums.

Now all or some of these musicians have been also supporting touring, recording musicians for Jonathan Russell, The Joys and Elton Lammie, Genevieve Fisher, Sarah Smith, Laura Rose, Doug Varty, Tara Oram and Karen Grainger. So as you can see this is not your average bar band – this is some of the most in-demand musicians in the business.

Put them all together in one band and WOW.

The band plays cover but injects songs that are either reworked in their own style or given a hefty boost of musical talent. Their setlist covers everything from R&B to Rock to Soul and the songs they pick are injected with a hook and musicality that most bands can’t achieve.

Crowds love this band, once up on the dance floor they are hard pressed to come off it – even someone with no rhythm like me is lured into wanting to shake a hip 12

Reba DV is the definitive front person to sing Lead Vocals in this band, couple that with her ability to sling a guitar competently with Rodney and Guy and its one helluva show. This Lady is all over the stage with an excitement and energy that brings electricity to any stage she is on, and that is contagious with the crowd and their response to her – and it is all genuine.

Rodney and Guy on guitars results in a wall of sound and some of the coolest trade-offs on guitar that you will get to see. Both of them as mentioned above are incredibly savvy musicians and their tasty guitar parts seem to be interwoven with each other so naturally without ever stomping on one another. 

With their natural ability to adapt to any style of music genre, this tandem sets them apart from most other bands with twin guitars.

Rob Allen on bass is a monster bass player. No, he doesn’t do Chris Squire runs nor a lot of pulling and tapping but his innate ability to just be a slab of concrete for the rest of the band to build a foundation on is very much over looked. 

Rob is a drummer’s bassist. His style leans to just a solid thick bottom line for the band and drummer that makes him the musical focal point for everyone to fall in line behind. You can tell Rob is an educated musician as he employees that skill set that my dear friend Stan Fountain is exceptional at and that is constantly “listening” to what the band is doing individually on stage. You can’t teach that skill – you either develop it or you don’t and when you do, your value to a band skyrockets.

Ryan Van Acker is one of my favorite drummers – every time I mention that to him he gets a little embarrassed, but it’s the truth. He’s not up there laying down sub-divisions and rudiment fills that leave the crowd with a rubber neck but what he does better than most is “plays to the song.”

Everything he does behind a kit is that attitude and he is the engine behind this band live with his style of playing. Every once in a while for his own gratification he will throw out a really cool kick/snare lick or a fill on the racks – but you almost steel yourself in sweet anticipation of when he is going to pull them out – and that’s one of the things I love about his style. 

Aside from that he is as solid as they come from start to finish on a song and he and Rob mesh perfectly. The other major asset of his is being like Rob in that he “listens” to everyone on each song – he is never is a zone where if someone pulls something spontaneous in a song, that he is caught standing still – he always is on top of where everything is going.

Do I sound bias to this band, yes possibly, but what you need to know is that I saw them twice before actually getting to know everyone in the band so I was sold on them long before I go to know them as friends.

There next show is Saturday, November 2 at The Palasad Socialbowl in London. Make sure you get out there and see them as I know I will be.



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