Sep 30

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Allstage Crawl: Dawghouse Pub

After Midnight

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This past Friday I had the chance to catch a band at one of my favorite venues – The Dawghouse  Pub and Eatery. The venue is around 150 capacity and the sight lines are excellent, but one of the highlights of this venue is the intimate “Club” atmosphere. The food is fantastic – best hamburgers in town bar none – and the combination of having free piping hot popcorn is too hard to resist. The staff is exceptional with Brad McCullough (doorman), Jazzmin Lepage (bartender) and Erin Rush and Karah Fratschko serving along with the other Ladies that work there.

The venue is owned by Bill and Cindy May and you couldn’t meet two nicer people to wish success on. As for the band side of the venue, there is a small elevated stage that fits a 4-pc band with smaller gear and an inhouse PA (no soundman) that is excellent quality. Bill will often help the band with levels and any tweaks that need to be done through the 1st set. The bar is located on Wilkins Ave and has a large residential area surrounding it that results in many regulars visiting the bar.

If you are a loud band like Bender (my band), its just not pragmatic to play the venue – but other bands from rock, to blues to any genre is workable in there with some discipline to keeping your sound levels down.

As a patron; as I mentioned above the food is superb and the level of musical talents from acoustic to bands that the venue hires is excellent. So, if you are out and around slip by for some food and live music, you will find it quite enjoyable.


After Midnight

For the last few years I’ve seen this band advertised around town entitled “After Midnight” – and I assumed by the name they were an Eric Clapton Tribute Band.

As I understand it, they were in fact that, but as sometimes happens with Tribute acts, you can’t get gigs on a regular basis no matter how good you are. So, the band has seemingly changed gears and gone to a more disco R&B 70’s style of music – and frankly, they are damn good at it.

Back in 1975-76 there was a venue named The Noodle Factory which was located at the end of Piccadilly Street in London. It was a high-end dance club during the heyday of the disco era (think Donna Summers & The Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever, KC and The Sunshine Band) and all the great catchy tunes from that era exploded inside the venue. I was 17 at the time, long hair, playing in rock bands but if you wanted to find the most elegant ladies in the city – that was the place to go.

What has this got to do with After Midnight – LOTS.

After Midnight plays the hits from that era along with many more including the famous Hall & Oates periods of dominance on the music scene to mention but one. Now for someone like myself, those years from 1974-1978 are etched into my teenage years for many things – but it was the music at the time that was magical. You had the disco era lapping over into a swath of massive Elton John hits, new comers like Aerosmith launching what I think it the best album they ever made with Dream On – it was a time that just for a multitude of reasons forever etched on my memory.

After Midnight, ten minutes into their set brought me back 45 years in the blink of an eye – and I found myself really loving it.

I don’t know the band members names unfortunately as I never really got to talk to them and their FB page doesn’t have that info – but for a band with guitar/lead vocals, bass/backing vocals, key and drums – this band is tight and the sound is layered so well to cover such high production studio hits from those years.

The Lead Vocalist’s falsetto vocals are as strong and vibrant as many singers normal voice and for those of you that love to dance – this is your band. The other members of the band are certainly not slouchs – these boys can play, and they have the “feel” required to do the genre that they are so heavily invested in and do it very well.

They are playing NYE 2020 so you might want to get your tickets now because I can see that this band will sell out for that night in a heartbeat. If you love that era of music or R&B in general and LOVE to dance – take my word, this is a band you want to entertain you for an entire night.

Thanks for the memory’s boys, much appreciated.

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