Apr 6

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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesday Jam Spotlight: 3's a Crowd

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Last week at our weekly Allstage Tuesday Jam we had the pleasure once again of Alicia Skoretz and Jordan Olsen coming out under the moniker of their acoustic duo “3's a Crowd”. Jordan as most know is the guitarist in the local indie rock band The Mad Moxxis where his job is laying down some sizzling guitar for the band – in this duo he sets aside the electric for some tasteful acoustic guitar work. Alicia Skoretz is a gorgeous young woman that when she takes command of a microphone, her voice becomes an instrument all its own. Her vocals are melodic when needed but make no mistake, this Lady has power to spare when she kicks it up a notch and takes control of an entire room when she sings.

The two of them do covers along with their own songs and each time they have come to the Allstage Tuesday Jam they have been crowd favorites – and for good reason. They are relaxed onstage, and their demeanor wins over everyone as they easily and sincerely come across as just good people that you want to see succeed. 

Do yourself a favor one night and if you see them playing somewhere, treat yourself to them live onstage. If they continue this upward trend of their talent, you will be seeing them in demand in clubs a lot in the months to come.


Jim McCormick - Allstage