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Allstage Crawl: Norma Jeans

Allstage Crawl: Wasted Years

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This past Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 Barb and I went on a mini Allstage Crawl to see some good friends in an Iron Maiden Tribute band entitled Wasted Years at Norma Jeans.

Now I am the first to admit that I am not a huge Maiden fan as most of my friends are and wasn’t sure of what the turnout would be concerning patrons – but you must support your good friends at their events - that goes without saying.

Barb and I walked into Norma’s and the place was packed, so many friends of ours from all over the city were there to show support for the band and it was tough taking pictures and video and still shaking so many hands and saying “Hi”.

The sound of the band was stellar. Gavin from Rock Show Productions takes care of sound for Norma Jeans and he does it in spades. The band sound was thick and full and while it had the thunder needed for a loud rock band, it wasn’t over bearing. Musicians always feel most comfortable with a pro who is a musician, ex-musician, trained studio guy or someone who owns their own production company, and it is also is a great asset when the sound guy is easy to work with and respected by musicians and patrons alike. 


I always have a simple gauge when I see acts and to be perfectly honest, not all genres appeal to me – but when I see a band/artist that normally would not be something I would seek out on my own music library and they impress the hell out of me – then they have done a great job just by converting me.

Wasted Years is one of those bands.

I’m familiar with some of Maiden’s material but as the band ploughed through song after song, I found myself really liking the whole show. My good pal John Patterson fronts the band on vocals and nails Dickenson to the letter. John from his involvement with The Def Bombs and Before The Damned has established himself as a superior vocalist and his stage presence and connection to a crowd is magical – he knows how to be an entertainer AND a highly talented singer.

Paul Sguazzin is a guitar whiz that I know mostly from the band Stunning and Before The Damned. His technique on guitar is really something to behold and he works beautifully in concert with the band’s other guitarist Joe DiTaranto who is from Sandman and War Machine and lights the stage on fire with his lead guitar licks.

The rhythm section is dynamite with Paul Fonseca on bass and Brent Niemi on drums from Sandman and Before The Damned – with the two of them locked in you can feel it right into your bones.

The band has played The Grand Palooza over the years at the London Music Hall and have rocked the audience to its core with their performance there as well. If you are a fan of Maiden you must check out Wasted Years next time they play – you will be fist pumping, head nodding your way through a night of pure energy and an incredible recreation of one of the worlds biggest and best metal bands.

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