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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesday Jam Spotlight: Tell It To Sweeney

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At my Allstage Tuesday Jam at Norma Jeans I get the pleasure to see and hear some great music by very talented musicians. It’s an opportunity for artists and bands to come out and network (which is critically important) and to test drive either new material or a new band they have put together.

On February 19th, 2019 at my Allstage Tuesday Jam I had a surplus of great bands/artists come out that did everything from acoustic duo to covers to indie material and one band really caught my ear – indie band “Tell It To Sweeney”.

The band consists of Christine McNally on Vocals, Kyle Gagne on Guitar, Marc Shickluna on Bass, Isaac Kwiatkowsk and Matthew Greeson on Sax, Ryan McNevin on Keys and newly acquired drummer Thom Edwards.

Now, personally I LOVE sax players – it gives music a power and punctuation that no other instrument can deliver within the context of a band – stack TWO of them into one band and like a dual guitar band it gives you a dimension and depth to your music that is hard to match.

Personally, knowing Kyle, Ryan, Marc and Thom I knew this was going to be special – these guys are players and I just know that as musicians they wouldn’t hit a stage unless they had something special – my instincts were dead on.

We had a full house of patrons and musicians at the Jam so when the band fired it up it was cool to see the immediate toe tapping and smiles from the audience. This band reminds me of my dear friends in Twin Fin – they are just so much fun to hear and no matter what your taste in music – the material they play is infectious and pulls you right into their onstage vibe. Usually at our Jam I give bands three songs but, on this night, I gave them more as everyone in the audience totally dug their music and didn’t want them coming off the stage.

The band had brought out a bunch of friends and everyone was having such a good time it felt like one big swing party. And in the case of when bands come prepared and deliver the goods, Theo the owner of the venue hired them for a gig down the road – which was icing on the cake.

I know a lot of them in the band have other musical projects on the go individually but the truth of the matter from my perspective – this is their real meal ticket.

This is a band that could be a real money maker be it as a corporate act or at Festivals – and it could be a vehicle that plays a lot if handled properly without doing the bar gigs.

Yes its fun & safe being in a band that can be easily slid into a category and do the same old same old and not make any real money – but when you have a project that appeals across the board and plays music that will energize any crowd you play to – then it’s a no-brainer as to what path to go down.

Personally, I love this band and I hope they crank it down and get this out in public more often. When I see bands/artists that have something special that sets them apart from their peers all you hope for is their success.

Thanks for such a great night gang.


Jim McCormick – Allstage