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Allstage Crawl: The Aeolian Hall

Allstage Crawl: A Taste of Sinatra

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This past Saturday, February 16th, 2019 – we had the chance to start a crawl with seeing a great tribute act at The Aeolian Hall – “A Taste of Sinatra”.

My dear friend Scotty Bollert who is the lead singer of the acclaimed rock act “After The Lounge” takes a 180 degree turn from that act to take center stage with a Frank Sinatra tribute act.

Now “Old Blue Eyes” is one of the legendary artists who transcends generations and has a place in music history that belongs to a select few who belong to the club. Sinatra’s music heralded a time when big bands and elegant dancing ruled the entertainment world, and while there is much lore attached to the Sinatra legacy – the man’s voice and music is still relevant today.

Scotty has not just dipped his foot in the water on this project, he has submersed himself into it and the result is that he takes the audience with him on a journey through classic tunes that even the twenty-somethings in the audience related to with fervor.

For me, I grew up with grandparents who loved Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Dean Martin, Lawrence Welk – so this music is an intrinsic part of my childhood and consequently draws me back to a simpler time that is filled with great memories.

The band is a crack band of local musicians who are what we normally call “hired guns” – musicians who are hired for their elite skill set at playing a multitude of styles and reading charts – but in this case he has recruited them to be a part of the band on a full-time basis. The result is an extraordinary night of well-known Sinatra classics that was a success amongst the entire sold-out audience.

The band consists of Scott Bollert – Lead Vocals, John Brocksom – Keyboard’s and Music Director, Rick McClelland - Bass, Fil Beorchia – Drums, Scott Edwards – Saxophone, Ron Walker – Trumpet, Jason Jamieson – Trombone and featuring Special Guest Vocalist Nicole Tan (FCLMA Jazz Artist of the Year 2018).

The crowd was filled with those ranging from 30-70 and everyone had a wonderful time hearing these timeless classics. If this golden era of music and elegant dancing is your thing or you just want to go and hear elite musicians accurately recreate one of music’s legendary performers – you owe it to yourself to check this show the next time it comes up.


Thanks Scotty for a wonderful night and the memories you brought back.




Jim McCormick - Allstage