Feb 14

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Allstage Crawl: Eastside Bar

Allstage Crawl: Pepper Jones and The Rockits

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So, this past weekend Barb and I made it a limited night out and went out to see my Bender vocalist’s other cover act - Pepper Jones and The Rockits. The band also has Bender’s former bassist Rui in it as well, so it was going to be fun night to catch up with friends.

Pepper Jones and The Rockits is a top shelf cover band that covers rock, pop, funk tunes with a killer line-up consisting of Jude Coyle - Lead Vocals, Ken Kobe - Guitar & Backup Vocals, Tom McMillan - Drums & Backup Vocals, Rui Duarte - Bass & Backup Vocals, Joe Bettencourt - Keyboards & Backup Vocals.

Each of these musicians are experienced pros on their instruments and when they all come together the band is dynamite. Having a Lead Vocalist plus four strong backing vocals brings even more punch to their live show – and each song is enhanced by excellent musicianship and the personal influence by each of them. The music is geared to get the crowd to converge on the dance floor and it succeeds at that like few other bands do.

Onstage this band is five parts that interact as a whole – each one of them feeds off the other and Jude is the consummate front-woman with her five-octave range. She can go from sultry to a full out Coverdale roar in seconds and having the absolute pleasure of having her front my band for the last two years I know from experience that she can send shivers down my spine with her vocal prowess.

Pepper Jones and The Rockits is the perfect corporate band or band for a big event such as headlining a NYE show or a Festival specific event. Excellent musicianship, strong five-part vocals, looks great onstage with care taken to wear something classy other than jeans and t-shirts.

Want the perfect “dance band” – this is it.


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