Jan 31

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Allstage Crawl: Fox and Fiddle

Cailey and The Giant

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Last weekend I wanted to slip away to a downtown jewel for live music in downtown London, so I decided to drop in and see my good friends Arlene (Manager) and Larry Harris (Music Director).

The Fox and The Fiddle is in City Plaza (formerly Galleria) on the SW corner of Wellington and King Street. The venue is multi-level and while there is no actual stage, the venue books mostly acoustic solo and duo acts so there is no need for a stage. You can park in City Plaza and get your ticket validated by the bar so parking is not only free, but you can avoid walking in rain or freezing winter by parking in the parking structure and walking directly into the mall portion of the complex.

Not to ignore that if you have the Allstage app on your phone you also get a discount on your food



I’ve eaten there many, many times and the food is superb no matter whether you want a full meal or something light with a beer – all while you catch some incredibly talented musical acts that come to perform there. A lot of people probably aren’t aware of the venue but if you want to catch some live music, enjoy great food and beverages and still be able to talk to who you are with the ambient lighting – the Fox and Fiddle is a perfect place to go to.


Cailey and The Giant were performing this night and I wanted to check them out.

Cailey and The Giant consists of Cailey Hamilton - Vox & Guitar and Rob "Giant" Friedel - Guitar & Backing Vox. Rob isn’t an actual giant, but he is a pretty big boy to be sure.

As an acoustic duo that both play guitar and sing – they were the perfect tonic for entertainment. They play a lot of well-known covers across several genres and do it remarkably well. To add to the pleasure of hearing them, I could have a conversation with Arlene and Larry and not have to shout – which to me underlined that both Cailey & Robert totally understand that they are there to perform but also to facilitate people to carry on a conversation without having to raise their voice.

I really enjoyed their performance and definitely will charter out to see them again, they are a perfect act for venues like this.

And as for the Fox and The Fiddle, if you haven’t had a nice relaxing night there – put it on your “to do” list. It checks off all the boxes in terms of live music, food, staff and atmosphere and you will make it a regular destination for any time of the year.