Jan 15

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Allstage Crawl: Eastside Bar

Allstage Crawl: Brandon Silver and Sylvrado

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This past Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of catching the band “Brandon Silver and Sylvrado” at the Eastside Bar.

My pal Ted Balazs drums for the band and even though we have been friends on FB for a few years, we’ve never met in person, so I thought it would be a good chance to meet face-to-face and check out his band.

I’m damn glad I did.

The band consists of Brandon Silver on guitar and lead vocals, Ted on drums, Graeme Paul on keys and Keith Silver on bass. The band is essentially a country rock act but with a rock edge and onstage they act like a veteran rock band visually but without all the cliché moves and stances.

Brandon is a great front man for any band and an exceptional guitarist as well. He has an excellent vocal range and his stage presence is second to nobody – the man commands an audience not only with his physical presence but with his musicianship and understanding of how to get a crowd on their feet.

Keith Silver their bass player did a superb job jostling between rock patterns and country patterns with the same dynamics of a rock bassist – and when he sang an Allman Brothers song, he crushed it like no one I have ever seen or heard live. He could easily be a lead vocalist in any band and like Brandon, his stage presence is nothing below excellent.

Graeme on keys doesn’t sing and of course is limited to stage presence due to manning a keyboard but his musical prowess at his instrument was undeniable, he layers in the perfect “blanket” to the bands songs that makes a wall of sound for the band to lock out any holes musically.

My friend Ted is the perfect drummer for this band. Ted plays to the song and never gets lost in the “I have to do a fill here” trap some drummers do. Everything he plays is the perfect part for the song and like a Phil Rudd, proves that playing less is always playing more.

All in all, this is a GREAT country-rock band if you are a fan of that music. As most know of me I’m a rock guy but I thoroughly enjoyed their collection of covers and original tracks and would not hesitate to go see them again – I loved the band.

As a patron – if you love to dance, see a band be highly entertaining onstage and be invigorated with energy by a band that gives it 100% all night – this is your band.

Check them out and next time they have a show – clear your calendar and go spend the night.