Dec 15

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Allstage Crawl: The London Brewing Co-operative

Allstage Crawl: The Universe Featuring Ray

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The London Brewing Co-operative

The London Brewing Co-operative has a unique concept to mesh selling their product as well as helping to support live music in London of indie artists.

Located at 521 Burbrook Place in London Ontario, the venue is instantly welcoming in the atmosphere it provides to someone going to see live music. There is a stage at one end of the brewery and tables and chairs in abundance for patrons to sit and enjoy live music and enjoy craft beers made there. I’m a full-bore Canadian drinker and when I go there, I have their “London Natural” and it is amazingly smooth and tasty, I love their beer.

The staff will treat you like an old friend – they are welcoming and will take the time to help you pick a craft beer of theirs that best suits you. Every time I go there, they treat me like gold and its such a pleasure to visit. They have live music on Sunday afternoons and Friday nights – so treat yourself to a night out and go down there – you will find it a great way to spend your night.


The Universe Featuring Ray

Ray Syd Stern is “The Universe Featuring Ray”, and it is a highly eclectic and enjoyable world she lives in.

There is no labelling Ray as an artist aside from funky, a Woodstock era free spirit and highly talented. I’ll be honest here; Ray’s live show and music might not be for everyone. She’s highly energetic onstage and animated in how she performs and has the most inventive and unique stage setup I have ever seen from an artist. Her music could be described as quirky by some but there is no denying her passion and talent and even if you are in doubt at first – she will win you over by the third song I guarantee you. Her official video for “Give It Up” is a great example of song writing talent and it won’t be long before she will be a very “in demand” indie artist here in London.