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Allstage Crawl: The Dawghouse Pub

Allstage Crawl: Chasing Monday

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The Dawghouse Pub

This past Friday, November 30th I dropped by the Dawghouse Pub to catch a set of local act Chasing Monday. Now The Dawghouse Pub is one of London’s best live music venues. Capacity is around 150 approx and the stage is just a little off the floor and can comfortably fit a three piece – bigger bands will need to exercise common sense regarding large amps and drums. Bill and Cindy May are the club’s owners and they supply a quality PA for bands to use. Bands are responsible for stands and mics.

The staff at the Dawghouse are awesome to say the least. Brad the door man is a super nice guy and very welcoming but at the same time I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him. Go there enough and he will always greet you with a smile and a handshake to welcome you. This night my dear friend Erin Rush along with Joey were working the floor and they are excellent servers – don’t know how they do it but they were all over it with the large crowd. Jess and Sarah were on the bar and again, if you frequent the venue enough they will know exactly what you drink before you mention it and they don’t leave you camping out at the bar waiting for service.

The food at The Dawghouse is to die for no matter what you eat and if you have the Allstage app on your cell you even get a 25% discount off menu items (not including daily specials or promotions).


Chasing Monday

The band consist of Jennifer Reid on Vocals, Bill Pinder on Lead guitar and vocals, Ryan Cruickshank on Bass, Micheal Kondrashov on Keyboards, Glenn Kitchen on Drums.

The bands set list is extremely varied but for those that like to dance it is right up their alley is each song is tuned to that particular crowds liking.

Jennifer Reid’s voice is akin to a Carol Pope with that bluesy rock edge to it but when she wants to open the throttle, well more on that later. Bill Pinder is a well known London-St.Thomas guitarist that plays in many outfits ranging from classic rock to a Bowie Tribute. What I love about Bill is when there is a signature lead he nails it, at the same time when it is a song that allows him the flexibility to play his own style he plays a solo that is technically excellent but short – meaning he doesn’t wail away for 5 minutes, he packs it all in a tight area and it is usually a brilliant example of his guitar skills.

Ryan Cruickshank has been the anchor to many, many bands over the years. Nothing flashy like a Chris Squire type, Ryan just drops a bass line that is solid and is the concrete foundation for the song as it barrels along – as a drummer myself I love guys like him.

Micheal Kondrashov I did not know before Friday night, but the man can certainly tickle the ivories and his playing gives a large support role to the rest of the band sonically as well as being there for when Bill does a solo.

Glenn Kitchen on drums is the perfect drummer for the band. Glenn doesn’t worry about mind blowing fills or rolling around the kit every 4 bars – he plays to the song and locks in perfectly with Ryan keeping it simple and solid as the backbone of the band.

Getting back to Jennifer’s range.

As I was just leaving, they started Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, I had two reasons for hearing the song before I left. One, I’m a huge Journey fan and quite honestly, two – not many singers can nail Steve Perry.

Well Jennifer is NOT one of those singers who comes up short – the song got into the chorus and Jennifer’s range exploded – this Lady has got pipes to spare.

All in all, of the two sets I caught I really liked the band a lot, their setlist is brilliant and quite varied. If you see them on the Allstage app performing somewhere, check them out live.

Just make sure you take your dancing shoes.

Jim McCormick - Allstage