Nov 9

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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesday Jam Spotlight: My Ragged Company

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This week at our weekly Allstage Tuesday Jam, this past week my good friends Stuart Warrick and Jerry De Amaral who are the core of My Ragged Company, along with Michal Hrnčíř Korošík on percussion and Sean Moses Schla on electric violin – came out to treat the audience with some covers and one original tune.

For those that have yet to see the group, Stuart is lead vocalist and plays acoustic guitar and Jerry plays electric – together they have a musical bond that compliments both their playing style. Stuart has a unique voice – while he sings in pretty much one style, that style is perfect for the material he performs. His voice has that down south, guttural gravel-like baritone tenor that leans to the Gregg Allman southern country-rock vein.

Jerry De Amaral is a very competent guitarist and his style enhances the music working off Stuart’s acoustic guitar, fully complimenting it while at the same time leaving the space within the structure of both their styles.

Adding in the dimensions of percussion and electric violin has just added another flavor to their setlist and I’m looking forward to this band going forward, to the material that they collectively write and perform as I think it will be unique to the London music scene.


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