Oct 26

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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesday Jam Spotlight: Courtney Robinson & Friends

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This week at our weekly Allstage Tuesday Jam we took a bit of a right turn and everyone present in the venue loved it. Courtney Robinson, Dave Pearson and Gerry Ferns showed up to display their talent to the appreciative crowd.

                Courtney Robinson played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocals, Dave Pearson played harp guitar and steel guitar, and local blues mainstay Gerry Ferns showcased his immense skill on harp. Courtney’s original music is on the cusp of blues and southern delta blues mixed together into one very catchy formula with tons of hooks.

          Courtney’s voice suits her style of music – it has that Ethridge edge to it that is both throaty but highly melodic. Now the hidden gem here with Courtney is when she pulls back and lets her vocal range rip – it’s like listening to Amanda Marshall at her best – make no mistake, this Lady has pipes.

          Dave Pearson as mentioned, played steel and harp guitars with the precision of a studio musician. Steel guitar in the right spots can be highly impactful and Dave understands that skill set to the letter. His ability on harp guitar is outstanding. I can honestly say I have never seen someone play one of these, and Dave made me an instant fan of not only the instrument but his ability on it.

          Anyone who has attended a Blues Jam or Blues based show is familiar with the ability of Gerry Ferns on harp. There seems to be next to nothing that this man can’t play on the spot and excel at it. Put him in with other like-minded musicians and what he can create is magical.

          I like this trio and everyone at the Jam did as well. I look fwd to seeing all three of them again either at our Allstage Tuesday Jam at Norma Jeans or at some other venue.