Oct 26

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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesday Jam Spotlight: Ditchbanger

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This week at our weekly Allstage Tuesday Jam, a trio of indie musicians in a band called Ditchbanger came out to showcase their music for the first time at our Jam.

The band is a hybrid of metal/hard rock much in the vein of Motorhead and their songs are hard hitting, full of energy and a “take no prisoners” kind of style. All of them are more than competent on their respective instruments and I found them to be quite personable when talking to them one on one.

          What really impressed me about these three young musicians was that while they came on stage and played their set early in the evening, when they were finished – they didn’t leave.

          The three of them stayed and supported the Jam by continuing to drink and eat, and paid respect to their fellow musicians by staying for the majority of the night and listening to their peers as each one took the stage.

          Too often at Jams or by opening acts at gigs, I see musicians playing their set and then promptly leaving the venue – which to me is highly disrespectful to their peers. Not these guys, they stayed to the end and in return they garnered a lot of respect by not only myself but the other musicians and patrons in the venue.

          They are more than welcome by me to return and when they did leave late in the night, they left with more fans than when they arrived.