Oct 26

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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Allstage Tuesaday Jam Spotlight: Brother Leeds

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This week at our weekly Allstage Jam, patrons were blessed with the appearance of local indie act Brother Leeds.

The band consists of Brad Coward (Drums & Vocals) Andrew Malo (Guitar & Vocals / Songwriter) Steve Sinclair (Guitar & Vocals / Songwriter) Ron Van Boheeman (Bass & Vocals).

The members of the band are well known in the local music community and are respected for not only their musical talent but strength of character.

Each member of this band is very competent on their instrument of choice, bring each individual talent together into one band and the collective result is outstanding. Their recently released self-named debut EP was done live off the floor and has the feel that I personally love on recordings – live, raw and powerful.

Having them out to our weekly Allstage Tuesday Jam at Norma Jeans was an absolute treat and I look forward to not only seeing them out again, but live at some venue in the future.

Download their EP for a mere $10.00 from their site – it will be your fav new go-to playlist.

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