Oct 20

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London Musicians Task Force

Artist Loading Zones

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The “London Musicians Task Force” (of which I am Chair) based at City Hall under the London Music Office umbrella have succeeded in a proposal to allow musicians to have a 20 minute window to load-in and later in the night to load-out in areas where parking close to the Venue is difficult.

There are three pilot locations for Artist Loading Zones that are allowing artist 20 minutes to load in and out of venues. Each space is equipped with a sign (see picture). It is important to understand these locations are not for parking.

          Unfortunately, on a side note the signs at 765 and Richmond Tavern were stolen!

          So, the only active loading zone is now at Fox and Fiddle until these signs are replaced. London Parking Enforcement has been informed about this new step forward for working musicians to avoid ticketing issues.


Fox & The Fiddle – Loading zone is located on Wellington St. just south of King St.

765 Old East Bat & Grill – Loading zone in front of the venue on Dundas St.

Richmond Tavern - King St. in front of venue

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