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Allstage Tuesday Jam

Guitarist's Schedule for Allstage Tuesday Jam

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Well, we are as promised bringing back the Allstage Weekly Jam - this time on Tuesdays at the legendary Norma Jean's venue from 8-11pm starting September 11th, 2018. We have once again reinvented the concept of a "Open Mic" with a Guest Guitarist every week to join Rainer Wiechmann & myself on stage.

This gives musicians an array of great London guitarists to get up and jam with and tons of new fresh material to draw upon instead of the same old tired songs. I'm also very excited to being working with Gavin Brix of RockStar Productions who will be doing sound for the Allstage Jam.

Anyone who has worked or heard Gavin mix bands know he is one of the finest in the city - between Gavin and Theo Karaouzas's improvement of Norma Jeans with lighting and a top notch professional in-house PA system - this is the whole package now at Norma’s, bar none.

Can't wait !!!


September 11 - Dwayne Errington (G)

September 18 – Randy Hicks (G)

September 25 - Alan Charlebois (B) – Rainer on guitar

October 2 – Ian Hebert (G)

October 9 – Guy Lepage (G)

October 16 - Geoff Masse (G)

October 23 - Jason Michael Dury (B) – Rainer on guitar

October 30 – Greigg Fraser (G)

November 6 - Nick Young (G)

November 13 – 

November 20 - Jordan Grainger (G)

November 27 – Ron Van Boheemen (B) – Rainer on guitar

December 4 - Kevin Claxton (G)

December 11 – Steve Fife (G)

December 18 – Stan Fountain (B) – Rainer on guitar

January 8 – Ry Guy (B) - Rainer on guitar

January 15 - Mike VanderWeide (G)

January 22 – Jamie Loyd - (B) - Rainer on Guitar

January 29 - Mike McDonald (G)

February 5 –

February 12 –

February 19 –

February 26 - 

Guitarists for Allstage Jam 

Dwayne Errington - Zed, Nasty Alex

Randy Hicks - Bender

Geoff Masse - Geoff Masse Band

Jeff Kikut - After The Lounge, Def Bombs, The Smashtones

Kevin Claxton - Pi

Greigg Fraser - Howzat, Solo

Guy Lepage - Solo

Jordan Grainger - Monday at Mikes

Nick Young - Nicky Y and Bad Intentions

Ian Hebert - Delta Stone, Loveless

Steve Fife - solo

Jason Michael Dury – Nasty Alex, Dustbin Flowers

Alan Charlebois - Vulture Playing Ruckus, solo

Ken Ross - Sarah Smith Band, solo

Ron Van Boheemen - Mother Leeds

Stan Fountain - session artist

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