May 30

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My Proposal to help Musicians

My Proposal to help Musicians with Downtown Load-In and Load-Out

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Just over a year ago I proposed to the London Music Office through my “London Musicians Committee” that we needed to address the situation of parking downtown for musicians needing to load in and out of venues.

My main example was Fitzrays, many times my band Bender had tried to offload right there at Dundas and Talbot and while we were only maybe 20 minutes to do the task, invariably I would have a run in with an over-zealous parking official who would threaten me with a ticket for parking with my four ways on. There was nothing Mark McGonigle could do about the situation and it was just always an expected clash whenever we needed to play there.

Recognizing that there is numerous bars in the core such as Fitzrays, Olive R Twists, Fox and Fiddle and some on Richmond Row that all share this inconvenience, I put forth to my committee and by extension to Cory Crossman, that we needed something in play like a temporary pass held by the venue that musician’s could put on their vehicles in order to give them a 20 minute window to off-load and then move their vehicle.

We are currently in the process of getting Parking Enforcement to approve this conditional pass and we will advise when this gets approval.

Jim McCormick – Allstage

London Musicians Committee

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