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The year is 1886, London, Ontario and a lone Shriner is living in the city. He together with members of Knights Templar, who had been initiated in Detroit Michigan petitioned to form a Shrine Temple in London. A dispensation was issued for “Sultanat Temple” and for a short time London had the honour of having Canada’s first Shrine Temple. However, the time was not yet right for “Sultanat Temple” and it soon became dormant and the dispensation was recalled.

Shrinedom in London dates from January 1 1908 with the foundation of Mocha Temple, and the seventh Shrine Temple in Canada. Noble Harry Collins, Potentate of Rameses Temple in Toronto, was instrumental in obtaining the charter. Noble Collins later became Imperial Potentate. The name “Mocha” was chosen by the first Recorder Noble Ed Struthers.

The Shrine was seen as an organization where members could relax and enjoy themselves. Shrine bands, parades and elaborate costumes were part of the make up. It was said that “the order was not much more than a frolic for Masons of high degree”, and perhaps this stimulated interest among Masons enough to steadily increase the membership figures.

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468 Colborne St, London, ON N6B 2T3, Canada

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