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Allstage Crawl: January 27, 2018

Cowboys Ranch: January 27, 2018

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I had a chance to check out Luke Austin at Cowboys Ranch for a show my friend James O’Rourke put on with Kentucky Rails and Julia Haggarty. Due to the tight schedule of Allstage Crawls I never got to see Julia or Kentucky Rails but I did catch some of Luke’s band.

Luke’s band was good and each member of the band were very good players, the one who stuck out the most to me was their drummer – this cat was a player and drove the band from start to finish with his skill.

The assembled crowd of 20 something women certainly liked the band and testimony to a band that they are doing a good job is a packed dance floor.

As for the venue, I really like Cowboys Ranch for bands. The stage is huge and the room itself is not only large but laid out very well. Big dance floor, two levels with great sight lines, large lighting rig in the roof over the dance floor that I think could be better utilized, but is still above most and doesn’t leave a band in dark spots.

The acoustics in the room are quite good with no booming or bouncing of sound – if bands could sell enough tix this is definitely a venue to hold a show at. The staff are really friendly and even though it has been 5 months since I was last in there, the girl and guy behind the bar recognized me which was cool.

Oh, and in today’s times – the single thing that impressed me most and I brought it too his attention was the door man who asked to check my camera bag before entry – so the venue takes strides to make sure their patrons and staff are safe from weapons. 

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