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Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Friday Allstage Band Highlight: Abandoned Souls

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Abandoned Souls

Allstage Page: http://www.allstage.ca/Artist/ArtistProfile/395

Official Page: http://www.abandonedsouls.com/

Band Members

James Todd- lead vocals
Derek De Kort- guitar & vocals
Tom Dobrentey- drums & vocals
Reagan Thorne- bass & vocals


There is power in a band’s name, like a magic spell, announcing to the world what they are and what they stand for.ABANDONED SOULS summons up images of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, heroic outcasts rising up against impossible odds, to establish their own unique identity. As vocalist James Todd explains:

"The name Abandoned Souls is in reference to all those people out there that have at one time or another felt like the outcast. That common bond and love for this music is what brings all of us Abandoned Souls together."

Having played together for years, the bonds that hold ABANDONED SOULS together are... to paraphrase the mighty Judas Priest…Canadian Steel! Inspired by Alter Bridge, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Judas Priest, Godsmack and Kings X, Todd describes Abandoned Souls’ sound as 'powerful, heavy, rhythmic, melodic, personal.'

The band is super-stoked about their new EP "Make It Last".

"We want to give the fans a pure and unfiltered listening experience, one that reflects us and where we are at in our musical journey and our lives. It is as much a reflection of who we are as musicians as it is of us as people."

They see band and fans as one and indivisible.

"This band has been a very good parallel for the life struggles that a lot of people go through." Of course live, Abandoned Souls really let it rip.

"We don’t just stand up there and look at the ground. We can’t help but get into what we’re doing." This is the philosophy behind the title of Abandoned Souls new EP.

"'Make It Last' is a reference to always trying to make the good times in life last as long as you can. As much as possible, try to live every minute like it could be your last... Time is fleeting, so…Make It Last!"

"Make It Last" was released on April 29th, 2017 and is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby and all major online retailers.

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