Apr 20


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London Festivals are a Huge Success

Great Summer of 2017 Live Music Coming

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Great article in today’s London Free Press regarding the immense success of Country Music Week 2016. The numbers are staggering to say the least: $8.4 million boost economically to the city, 18,500 music fans and industry people attended and it was broadcast to a national audience of 7,800 – that is an overwhelming success by any standard. London Tourism and all the collective bodies that had a part in this should be very, very proud. The London Music Office via Cory Crossman gave Allstage a part in this wonderful event by allowing us to sponsor a three night event at Blakes Bistro and Bar on September 8, 9 and 10th with Shawn Cowan, Stand Fountain and Tanya Marie Harris providing the top notch live entertainment. It was a pleasure to be part of such a great event. Looking back on the summer of 2016 with Home County Festival, Bluesfest, Beatlesfest and numerous live music festivals that take the spotlight through the course of the Summer – 2016 was an electrifying time for any live music fan of any genre. Local and out-of-town talent graced stages and families and fans came out and supported all the events with exuberance and positive vibes. For days and weeks after each event, social media was lit up with pictures and accolades to the organizers, sponsors and festival heads for all their hard work and efforts – and accolades for all the musical talent went on deservedly so for days to come. Summer 2017 will be yet another huge success as the Festivals from last year are in high gear to revive the magic that we all enjoyed by making this year’s events even more of a success as the complex planning and logistics are already under way. As a music fan we attend these events with our families and friends and enjoy all that goes with it, as a musician who has played at an event, you look forward to playing outside in the summer to appreciative fans and large crowds – but make no mistake. These events by the promoters take months and months of prep work to accomplish and even at that they are chewing fingernails hoping for good weather, no last minute line-up changes due to health issues by a performing band and flawless dependability of hundreds of thousands of equipment that power the shows. London’s live music scene, venues and festivals have become a living entity that is continuing to thrive – and all of us deserve a congratulations for making it so.