Apr 14


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Allstage is back better than ever

The Wait is Over

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Well, it's been a long haul since July 25th, 2016 but we - after months of hard work by The Branding Firm and their team of web developers - have finally arrived at the next phase of Allstage, and I couldn't be happier. In the interim, Allstage chugged along with a temp page as we anticipated the day we could relaunch with a better site and app. Along the way we had tremendous support from musicians, bands, artists, Business Partners, music fans and Venues, all of which had our back and didn't turn away, and for that I unfortunately can't express my thanks enough. It means the world to us here. As we proceed from the VIP Launch party March 9th and into the live release of the site and app on March 10th, 2017, I am looking forward to all the exciting live music events coming in the weeks and months ahead. My sincerest thanks to everyone who has stuck with us, it was difficult at times but its well worth the wait. #TurnUpTheLiveMusic