May 28


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Allstage Contest

$500.00 cash to Winning Band/Artist

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So in the goal of helping bands get exposure and generating their following since the Allstage app and site is doing extremely well, we thought we would make it a little interesting. From now to September 30th, 2017 at midnight – we are having a contest for the bands that belong to Allstage, that have the most followers on the app which will result in Allstage donating $500.00 to the #1 Band. This is open to any band anywhere that registers on the site. Download the app for FREE from The App Store or Google Play and follow your favorite acts and let them know which of their events you attending. On the Website we have our Top 10 list near the bottom, of bands already with the most Followers so take a moment and jump onboard and enjoy the fun. #allstage #TurnUpTheLiveMusic #LdnOnt #LdnEnt #coverband #indie