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Allstage Crawl April 13, 2017

Titanium Blade, Howzat and Bobnoxious

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Allstage Crawl: April 13, 2017 Titanium Blade, Howzat and Bobnoxious on one bill at Norma Jeans – a feast for the rock gods for sure. Titanium hit the stage first and delivered in spades with a set of metal covers covering Quiet Riot to Metallica and all things metal in between. The band consisting of Missy Henderson (Vocals), Sean McGee (Guitar), Jeff Parkinson (Bass) and Mike Lilliom (Drums) are a solid unit musically and visually very high energy. Sean’s table dancing in the crowd with his wireless guitar is crowd pleaser to patrons and he swerves and involves the crowd in the power of their show. Missy’s vocals are as powerful as it gets and the material the band wraps itself in serves her talent very well. Jeff and Michael are the rhythm section and their talents are in plain site – these two guys are players in every sense of the word. Howzat was middle of the bill and came to the stage armed with a set of their own powerful originals, including the just recently released “Luv Dust” track from their new CD (http://www.howzatrocks.com/). Howzat has been gaining radio play across North America and control a stage with their experience and musicianship. Kevin Rudy (Vocals), Greigg Fraser (Guitars, Vocals), Dave Buland (Bass) and Dale Penny (Drums,vocals) bring a rocking hard sound to their show and the musicality of their originals is quite impressive. Greigg’s guitar work is exceptional and he leaves no holes even when ripping the fretboard. Dave Buland is one of the city’s best bass players and one of the most exciting musicians I have ever seen onstage, he forces you to watch him just with his presence. Kevin’s vocals and stage prowess speak volumes – he knows what to say, how to say it and when to engage the audience, you can’t teach that talent. Dale Penny is a veteran behind the kit and has a bass drum single kick that most drummers with two pedals can’t rival, not to mention his vast array of tools to utilize in his playing. This is a live original band that deserves to be on a large stage and as their success builds that will often be the case. Bobnoxious was the headliner and the Norma Jeans faithful were out in force, it was tough all night to move in the venue due to the large amount of patrons (approx. 280) but these people were here to have fun and party till dawn. Bobnoxious is a fan-favorite with a large following and are veterans on how to fire up their legion of fans within a song or two. The addition of Aaron Murray on guitar has added an entire new dimension to the band both talent wise and production wise. With a high tech rack to his side and his abundance of talent on a guitar, he is the driving musical force in the band covering leads to rhythms and creates a wall of sound behind the band. Darcy Maudsley’s rock solid, no nonsense bass playing is the foundation of the band, the anchor that keeps it all chugging along and with his vocals it gives an extra layer to the overall sound of the band. Drummer Dave Wyles is a force of nature, his drumming is strong, on the mark and is executed at a break night pace – frankly I don’t know how he does it but he’s amazing to watch with all the energy he uses. Bob Reid is the center piece of the band and the band’s name-sake. His onstage banter is from years of slugging out live shows and his connection with his audience is evident as they hang on his every lyric. Bob is a veteran live performer and it shows with how he handles himself, his band and the audience. Guy Lepage ran the board and his mix all night was perfect – not too loud, not murky, it was done with the level of excellence that musicians who play Norma’s are accustomed to from him and look forward to. All in all I heard three excellent bands, had the pleasure of hanging with good friends and the amazing staff of Norma Jeans, in a bar full of people who were having a great time everyone was respectful of each other. Just wish the onstage lighting would be improved for both the visibility of the bands and for those that like to take pictures with expensive cameras.